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Lisa Connors, Surfacing Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation

I’m happy to personally recommend Cesar Alejandro Montero Orozco for his work in CG texturing and shading. As a Surfacing Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation, working on features such as the “Shrek” and “Madagascar” films and more recently, “Turbo”, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals. Cesar definitely stands out as a colleague with unique talent, skills and enthusiasm for the art and technology of Surfacing, painting texture maps as well as look dev of material shaders. Cesar has a unique combination of both artistic vision and technical expertise. He has a special interest in creating believable, tangible look and feel to the surfacing of characters and objects in animated films. He not only executes beautiful work but is strongly committed to sharing his skills and innovations with the rest of the team. Cesar has mentored new artist, championed improvements to our workflow, and has written documentation. He also contributed to global initiatives such as R&D testing, and the interactive GUI for our Material library, I would be happy to work with Cesar again. he would make a strong addition to any CG team.

Cinzia Angelini, Story Artist at DreamWorks Animation
Cesar is not only an outstanding texture artist, but also has great leadership skills, a gift for teaching, and an ability to inspire great camaraderie in his department. I've had the good fortune of relying on Cesar to be the texture supervisor on our Mila team. His ability to clearly communicate what he wants from his team has made the collaboration with artist around the globe possible. Only a supervisor with a clear vision, who understands how to direct his artists, can make such an international, internet-based collaboration work. Cesar is simply brilliant at it. Thanks to his upbeat nature, and pragmatic approach, he works incredibly well with the art director and CG supervisor, allowing the texture department to tie in with the rest of the pipeline perfectly. As a born leader, and above all, a team player, Cesar has been an invaluable addition to our production.

Francis Liu, Production Strategy Group at DreamWorks Animation
It has been tremendous pleasure to have worked with Cesar. He is not only a fine artist. But a great individual. He has an enthusiasm and passion for his work that exemplifies the spirit of Dreamworks Animation. We worked on a very long and technically detailed project together. During that time, he worked incredibly hard, having a tremendous eye for details and made sure he absorbed as much knowledge as he could. It would be my pleasure the work with Cesar again

Luke Vallee, Senior Compositor at Industrial Light & Magic

Simply put, Cesar is a talented artist with an extraordinary aesthetic eye. In the short time I worked with him at CIS-Vancouver, he constantly impressed me with his attention to detail, clean workflows, and approachability. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future!

Emily "Timothy" Albee, Animation Supervisor

Cesar is a dedicated, optimistic, hard-working, and almost eternally positive artist of high levels of skill. I've only rarely, in my career, had the pleasure of working along-side someone with such a desire to improve his knowledge-base, soak-up new skills, and devour any information that could make him a better, more well-rounded artist. His upbeat, "can-do" attitude about nearly everything he encounters has been a refreshing counterpoint to the high-pressure environment of Digi-Guys.

Mario Pochat, CEO at Edutisse

Cesar is always very keen in pushing his skills. He was constantly looking for ways to improve the lighting and texturing of his shots. Cesar has a great eye for lighting/texturing and the perfect attitude to work with during stressful situations such as movie crunch time. I run into him at every Siggraph conference, he is constantly investing in himself.

Andrea Emmes, Producer at MILA Film

When looking for a strong Texture Supervisor for our short film, Mila (, we were looking for someone who was an exceptional artist, master technically and who could work well with students as well as professional. Cesar has all of these qualities and more in spades. Cesar has displayed such remarkable patience when working on our volunteer project, teaching the student new tricks and techniques, guiding the artists in the right way so that the director's vision is maintained and brings a wonderful sense of humor which is always helpful as things ramp up and get stressful. I have enjoyed working with Cesar and hope to work with him more and more in the future!!

Catherine (Katy) Downey, Lighting Technical Director at PDI / DreamWorks Animation

Cesar is not only a talented artist, but is also extremely motivated and organized. He is able to make sense and order of very vague tasks and complete them very quickly. He is also extremely thourough on everything he works on. He is always thinking of ideas and ways to improve the project and make it more efficient. I would love to work with Cesar again on another project.

Waldemar Bartkowiak, Senior Modeler at Industrial Light & Magic

Cesar is one of those artists that know how to tell a story trough the pictures. He has very sharp eye for the details and his lighting skills help set up the mood and create the proper feel to the scene. It was a real pleasure to work with someone so talented and friendly. Always sharing with his knowledge and willing to help out and giving advices.

Gabriel Portnof, CG Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation

Cesar was a great and talented surfacer on Kung Fu Panda 2. He went above and beyond in his duties and demonstrated great communication by contacting me and allowing me to add input from the lighting end so we could optimize our environment setup together. He was quick, friendly, and easy going and always professional. I look forward to working with him again.

Lubos de Gerardo Surzin, Senior Matte Painter at Double Negative

Cesar was a really good guy and I loved to work with him. Smart and he could solve any type of problems/situation! I really looking forward to work with him again!

FX Artist/Developer at DreamWorks Animation

I had the pleasure of working with Ceasar over the last few months. He has a very friendly personality and was really easy to work. He is very prompt in sticking to deadlines and delivering things on time. I would love to work with him on future projects.

Ben Lippert, Surfacing Artist at DreamWorks Animation

Cesar Alejandro is one heck of a nice guy. He's a hard worker, and he enjoys diving into technical issues and figuring them out. Cesar has a good eye for aesthetics and a great attention to detail. He is certainly an artists who rides the leading wave of computer graphics and will undoubtedly be an asset wherever his carer takes him.

Nicolas Carrie, Lead Lighter at Walking the dog

I have the big pleasure to work with Cesar at Digi-Guys as generalist. Cesar is an optimist guy who always search to improve his techniques. He is a methodic worker and his lighting skills are a big artistique advantage. As a collegue you can be sure that he will stay enthousiast, motivated and helpful like his permanent good mood. He is definitively a real plus for a company!

Nicholas Boughen, Director - CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects

I first met Cesar when he was in school. Cesar is an artist with an exceptional eye for detail, especially in his lighting and shading. I forsee a bright, creative future for this wonderful artist.

Gildardo Sanchez, Director de Investigación en Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara

I had Cesar in some of the courses I usually teach. Since then, Cesar showed an interesting profile. Good at programming, interested in the application of that knowledge to arts, mainly to the generation of CG scenarios. I do believe that he had clear what he wanted to be as a professional quite early in his academic life, and did everything he could to accomplish that. His passion is to find out how with the help of a computer one can generate an specific scenario, and doing it. He is very good at expressing those requirements in a way that later he can develop algorithms and test them until he is happy with the result. And I have to say also that he is always very worried about the quality of what he does. There is no one single thing he releases before he is satisfied.

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