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3dtotal - During this chapter, we will learn how to fake radiosity. This will allow us to lower render times and maintain the quality of our renders. In order to do so, we will explain new work-flow techniques and tools used for lighting and rendering.

3dtotal - In this chapter we will learn how to create a daylight setup using Lightwave. We will combine the tools and theory explained in the previous chapter (Part 3); Direct and Indirect lighting, Area lights, Distant lights, Global Illumination, bounces, and much more.

Essential Lightwave V9 - I was the technical reviewer for Essential Lightwve V9. It was an awesome experience, and definetly a high quality end product! It was a pleasure to work with all the people involved.

Ballistic Publishing - The character named Rusty will be included inside the second edition of D'Artiste: Character Modelling. Expect it in May!

3dtotal - This tutorial covers my personal approach to lighting: what is lighting, how to analyze it, and why it is important. Click here to view it, or visit the Resource section to find this and other tutorials.

HDRI3D - Two of my images are featured at HDRI3D ,agazine, issue #10. The image titles are: "Diamond Ring" and "Perfumes".

VFS - Best Project Management - This award it is chosen by internal and external judges at VFS. The award is given to the student with the best project management practices for the creation of his/her final project.

3dcreative - One of my images is featured at the gallery of the month at 3dcreativemag, issue 12, page 51.

3dtotal - I wrote an article for the issue of October 2006. The article features a "making of" the image entitled "Rusty". The article is located at page 96-104. You can download just the tutorial in pdf too: download pdf file

HDRI3D - Two of my images will be featured at HDRI3D magazine, issue #11. The image titles are: "Eggit!" and "Rusty".

Favourite Web Awards - Site dedicated to the best of the web. The users and site judges decided that my "Sex And The Socket" animation was the best of the month.

My artwork appeared on the front page of CGPortfolio for 7 days and was included in the weekly CGSociety newsletter, distributed to over 200,000 readers, as one of their 'Hot Portfolios'. - 3dtotal selects from hundreds of images each week the best ones. These images are given the exposure to over 400,000 visitors in one single week. This time, I won with the image entitled "Rusty" at my image gallery. : Lighting Challenge #4 - is a site managed by Jeremy Birn, Technical Director of PIXAR animation studios. The challenge was to illuminate glass. 3 of 4 images with wich I participated where awarded (featured at

Animation Reporter Magazine - Animation Reporter made me an interview. Very interesting questions in this one. It was a great experience, since I ended up knowing more about me by making it. Go figure!

CGFocus - It was an honor to be interviewed by them. In this interview I share many exclusive personal facts that give a better inshight to my life and work.

VFS - I spent a lot of time working at this school, and earned many recognition for my work there. In this interview I share my experience at VFS, as well as some insight to my goals and future.

Chapter #7 : Product Shots - This chapter covers some basic concepts required for product photography. A constant comparison is made between real life product shots and 3d. With it, I hope to set and mindset that is independent from any software package.

Chapter #3 : Lighting Basics - This tutorial covers some basic lighting tools. It explains the importance of direct and indirect lighting, plus other lighting effects that are possible inside LightWave.

Chapter #6 : Spinning Lights - In this chapter, we will go deeper into the Spinning Lighting Trick, this will allow us to attain higher quality lighting and lower render times for much more complex objects and scenes.

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