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Curriculum Vitae



Represented by:
Ellen Ann Mersereau,Esq.


What can I do for YOU?
I can develop any look you desire. You have a vague and poetic description? I'll take that. Want for me to work with very specific art direction? No problem. You don't have anyone to develop the look, and want someone to start from scratch? Leave it to me. I have professional experience in all these areas. You name it: I can create irrecognizable photorealism, illustration, or feature film quality for animation alone, or along a passionate and dedicated team. Challenge me.

Home, Dreamworks Animation
I was responsible for the creation of the material library for the show. This included creation of materials, and mantainance of the shaders. These shaders where developed into a library, so that artist could worry more about painting maps, and not creating and tweaking shaders. As a result, the quality of the look of picture increased, and production times where reduced. The artists where able to drag/drop shaders that had excelent visual quality. More information will become available once the movie is released in 2014.

Turbo, Dreamworks Animation
I started working on Turbo really early  in order to implement the shading technology which I helped develop along R&D in previous months. Turbo was the first movie to be developed with DreamWorks Animation NexGen shaders. My previous experience with the technology allowed me to help the show implement it from day 1. I also helped other artist get involved with the new shading methods and system for Turbo. To speed up production, I created a material library and MARI workflow for surfacers. This allowed artist to drag and drop materials into their shots. They where then able to worry more about the texturing process, and less about the creation of materials. The workflow was so successful, that it was selected and presented during DAILIES in SIGGRAPH 2013, and at the booth of The Foundry.

Puss in Boots / R&D, Dreamworks Animation

I was brought in by the executive to represent the Surfacing Department during the creation of the Next Gen shading technology. I was given the responsability of testing hundreds of shaders and thousands of attributes. This was performed during a period of 9 months. To accelerate the process, I created automated tests that would compare resulting images to canonicals. It was a great success. Furthermore, I was involved in improving current workflows for shaders. The hard work paid off and, the new technology was deployed on time and ready for production.

Kung Fu Panda II, Dreamworks Animation
I worked texturing and surfacing environments. My best work for this movie is shown when Po goes back to his childhood home. In this sequence I created the abandoned rice field. Extensive work with the shaders was performed to attained the desired look of the grounds, mountains, grass, lake, stones. The visual language had to be perfect. It  is one of the most emotional moments in the movie,  and it is here where Po decides to gather himself back and fight evil. Additionally, my work is greatly featured in the last sequence for the movie, where Po's dad shows up and the rice fields are shown.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, Dreamworks Animation
I worked doing the surfacing and texturing of all the buildings. I textured all the buildings in this short, including the interior in the palace. I followed the same style and look at the previous Kung Fu Panda created, and increased the helped level up the quality of the style on screen.


Shrek Forever After, Dreamworks Animation
This was my first production with DreamWorks Animation. I worked as a surfacer (lookdev) artist for creating all sorts of props and environments for the film. My work is greatly featured on Rumpelstiltskin carriage, where Shrek signs the magical contrat. I also worked on the Candy Apple exterior environment where Fiona and Shrek have a fight. Some of my work is also featured on the DVD extra's, on an extra sequence where Shrek fights the other fairy tale characters.


The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, Declaration Pictures
I worked on several projects involving VFX shots, in which I helped texture and shade the assets.


Space Buddies, CIS Vancouver(Rainmaker VFX)
I worked on Space Buddies as a CG Artist. I worked on talking dog shots.. I was responsible for lighting, and growing realistic hair on the dogs, texturing the mouth and teeth, making sure cables where not showing, etc.


My work in this project involved all sorts of duties. I was hired as a CG Generalist that would take care of any task involving modeling, texturing, lighting, and eventually helped with development of some VFX shots. During my time at Digi-Guys I helped develop a texturing systemthat allowed higher quality of textures in a fraction of time. This really helped showcase beta versions to interested parties. (freelance)
I helped as a Spotlight Team Director. My duties included the selection of outstanding work in the site, reviewing it, and publishing it in our frontpage. To do so, I selected a group of artist with high quality work, and great attitude towards others. The site was able to get more users, more engaged audience, and eventually better work.

Wordware Publishing (freelance): Technical Editor of Essential LightWave v9 : July 2006 – April 2007
Frajo Studio (freelance) : Photographer Assistant - May 2005 – May 2006 (part-time) : Photo-shoot Producer & Web Designer : December 2003 - May 2005
ITESM Campus Guadalajara (freelance) : Adobe Flash Freelancing : January 2002 – December 2003


human skills: strategic planning & production
technical skills: Lighting, Surfacing, Texturing, Modeling, Workflow Designer & Debugger.
3d professional experience: Newtek LightWave 3D, Modo, Propietary Software
2d professional experience: Adobe Photoshop,  Adobe Illustrator.
Compositing professional experience:  Eyeon Fusion, Adobe After Effects.
Other professional experience: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk  3D Studio Max, XSI, Adobe Flash, Premiere.
Programming languages: Java, Javascript, C, C++, Actionscript, LISP, Assembler.


MI6 - Best Student Marketing Project - Gold Senet: for the animation “Sex And The Socket”
International Davey Awards Silver Senet: for the animation “Sex And The Socket”
VFS - DD03 class - Best Final Project: for the animation “Sex And The Socket”
VFS- DD03 class - Best Project Management: for the animation “Sex And The Socket”
FWA - Favorite Web Awards, Animation of the month: March 13 - Excellence award for the image “Rusty” - Lighting Challenge #4: 3 renders selected and featured.


Rusty - d'artiste: Character modeling 2 15 April.2007
Rusty - HDRI 3D issue 11 page 69
Eggit - HDRI 3D issue 11 page 69
Colored Perfumes - HDRI 3D issue 10 page 74
Diamond Ring - HDRI 3D issue 10 page 74
Selected Portfolios: Cesar Montero - CG Society Newsletter 02 Oct. 2006


Complete Guide to Lighting: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  6. - 3DCreative Magazine 18 Feb 2007 – 22 Oct 2007
Wowing The Audience. - Animation Reporter 15 Jun. 2007
The Making of Rusty. - 3DCreative Magazine 14 Oct. 2006
An Interview with Cesar Montero. - CGFocus 01 Oct. 2006


VFS - Digital Design Diploma, May 2005 - April 2006
ITESM Campus Guadalajara - Computer Engineer (graduated, 4 years degree), January 2000 - December 2004

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